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Adobe Illustrator Basics

Learn AI Tools, Objects, Brushes and a lot more.

This course is designed with the purpose of providing our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully use Adobe Illustrator.

Here you will learn the basics of Illustrator, how to work with the tools, Objects and Brushes, Colour & Appearance and a lot more














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Course Overview

Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this course​

The first module will be about getting started with Adobe Illustrator. We will start with the very basics of it and help you excel in every aspect of Adobe Illustrator.

We begin the module on how to get started with Adobe Illustrator, installing the software, setting up the workspace and everything as simple as that! We teach you the basics in the most detailed way so as to make you proficient in Illustrator within a short period of time.

In module 2, bring your ideas into life by learning and using Illustrator tools. Learning the tools of anything that you do makes it easier for you to master it. Similarly, learning the tools of Illustrator in the second module of the course makes it easier for you to work more efficiently with this software.

Illustrator tools are comparatively easier to use and powerful enough to create impactful designs. From this module, learn how to create relevant designs by using illustrator tools well and get to learn illustrator tips and tricks too!

Module three of our course is about how you will utilize various shapes and objects to create quality designs. You will be playing with alignment and transformation tools in the illustrator to create interesting designs.

This is one of the many job ready skills that you need, to make a layout from scratch using simple shapes and objects and modifying it to suit the client's needs. So, master how to edit and transform your vectors with our Illustrator basics course.

Fourth module is exclusively for learning brushes in illustrator. This will help you understand the various types of brushes, understanding the libraries and you can even create your own brushes in this module.

Illustrator brushes help you create complex designs and speed up your design process. It will give the design an authentic look and it is one of the most innovative features of Illustrator. We understand the importance of it, and assuring you a  detailed learning experience in this module. 

This is a fun module to learn because you will be exploring colors, creating effects and swatches. Adobe Illustrator has an extensive library of ready made color themes by various designers.

So you can also create your own color templates as well to suit your needs. Moreover, using proper colors in the right proportions helps to control the impression of the audience. So set your color game on point with our fifth module.

The sixth module of our Adobe Illustrator basics course will be on typography and its various possibilities in Illustrator. Illustrator has  amazing typography effects which will help you bring your ideas to life. You can also create custom typography templates as well.

In this module, you will learn how to create magic with Illustrator typefaces and also you will learn about creative design, live projects etc.  Explore and experiment with various typefaces and create unique works of your own with our help. 

The last module of the course are live projects, from simple menu card designs, brochure designs, ad banners to social Media Designs and Landing Pages. You will utilise everything you learn from this course to make unique designs of your own.

The projects that you will be working on will be industry standard, just like you work in any other companies. Most importantly, it will be a great bo

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