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Adobe Photoshop Basics

Learn PS Tools, Image Editing, Photo Manipulation and a lot more.

This course is made with the aim to give our students the right skill set and design knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Here you will learn the basics of Photoshop, how to work with the tools, High end image editing, Photoshop masking, In-depth photomanipulation and a lot more.














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Course Overview

Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this course​

The first module comprises photoshop introduction and its workflow. We start off the photoshop journey from this module and we teach you to get started with photoshop, to open a photoshop document to even setting up a workspace. Get hooked to photoshop with the very first module.

The second module is quite fun to learn and it's about photoshop tools. Instead of learning tools one by one, here you will get to know it by creating new projects with it. You will also learn the working concept behind every tool as well. Make learning fun while you learn about the marquee too. Move tool, pen tool, clone, brush tool etc.

The third module comes with another bunch of interesting photoshop topics such as layer styles, gradients, colours etc. Build your own extended photoshop layer styles library and make your work easier! You will get well equipped to create your own, highly appealing designs after this module.

The fourth module is for the photo enthusiasts in you, learn to professionally edit images, start working with presets, camera raw tools etc. from this module. Be excited to create beautiful images, graphics, paintings, artworks etc. with the help of this module.

To talk about the fifth and one of the most important module of the course, photoshop masking. Using masks in an image editing enables you to preserve portions of an image that you want to keep. You will be taught about the various masking types in photoshop such as layer masks, vector masks, adjustment layer masks etc.

You will learn photo manipulation in the sixth module of our photoshop basics course. Photo manipulation involves major changes that alter the image significantly.

It can be used for everything from A simple change coffee poster to the creation of an advanced travel photo manipulation ad.

We are going to teach you advanced photo manipulation techniques and you effectively apply this in your designs and see the results for yourself!

The last and the final seventh module involves photoshop projects that you will be doing with us which will be on image editing, sports posters, creative ads, photoshop campaign design etc. experience a giant leap in your photoshop skills with the final module!

What You'll Design In This Course

Take a look at the creatives you'll be designing in this course.

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