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Our 12-month program takes you from Level 01 to 05, covering AI, Graphic and No-Code Web Design, and Business Marketing, enabling diverse income streams in the AI era.

Level 01: 1st to 3rd Month

Beginner to Pro Designer

Graphic Design, Live Industry Projects & Portfolio Masterclass

In Level 01, we start from the basics, introducing you to the exciting world of Graphic Design. You’ll learn essential design principles and how to use popular tools like Adobe Photoshop. 


By the end, you’ll have created your own project, gaining confidence and skills to be a professional Graphic Designer.

3 Months

LIVE & Self-paced










Beginner to Pro Graphic Design

Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this level | 3 MONTHS

Week 01 - 06 Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

You can use photoshop for any type of image editing, from touching up photos to creating high quality graphics. In the first week, we will introduce you to photoshop tools and how you can utilise these tools to transform and enhance an image.

Week Two would deal with photoshop image editing and masking, which is basically making a part of a layer invisible. You can remove a section of an image without deleting it. It is indeed a crucial technique in photoshop which we will teach you in a very simple manner.

During the third week, we will introduce you to photo manipulation and live projects. Photo manipulation involves transformation of a photograph using various techniques to get desired results. We will break it down for you in simple words and help you manipulate any photograph. We will also present to you, live projects from which you can learn complex steps easily.

Fourth week, we will venture into Adobe Illustrator and its tools.  It has a wide variety of drawing tools found in the Toolbar, each allowing you to create in different ways. We will introduce you to each tool throughout the week.

Week five would be all about learning how to apply colors and change appearances with adobe illustrator. It will enable you to change an image drastically and this will be a fun learn for you.

In the following week of AI basics, creative designing and live projects will be introduced to you, with which you can create graphics of your that can be infinitely scaled up or down without getting pixelated.

Week 07 - 12 Creative Deisgn & Portfolio

We will venture into learning the fundamentals of graphic design in the seventh week, we will learn about who and what a graphic designer is, design principles, design history, design tools etc. in this week, which will make you thorough in with the various software and hardware aspects of graphic design.

With vague ideas of graphic design, one cannot effectively produce design for a client. You need to know practical design principles, which is a set of rules in graphic design which will help you create designs with the right structure, relevance and according to the client’s needs, this is what you will
be learning in the eighth week.

We will delve more into layouts, typography, colors and dimensions in week nine, because it is not a topic that you can master in a week, but we make sure that you gain more knowledge about each topic.

You will be learning the marketing aspects of graphic design throughout this week, get ready to strike a blow in your career, because we will teach you the best and most beneficial marketing
moves for a graphic designer.

In week 11, we will conduct live projects for all learners which will help you in understanding graphic design in a whole new practical perspective.

The final week portfolio masterclass will immensely help you in planning, ideating and executing your own professional graphic design portfolio.

Level 02: 4th to 6th MONTH

No-code Website & App Design

WordPress & Elementor Design

Level 02 dives into No-code Website and App Design, using user-friendly platforms like WordPress and Elementor.


This module equips you with the skills to create impressive, functional websites and apps without coding, opening new digital avenues for your career or business.

3 Months

LIVE & Self-paced










No-code Website & App Design​

Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this level | 3 MONTHS

Week 01 - 06 WordPress & Elementor

Delve into the core features and functionalities of WordPress, the world's most popular website building platform. This segment is designed to equip you with essential knowledge to create, customize, and manage your own WordPress site seamlessly

Learn the distinction and purpose of Pages and Posts in WordPress, essential components for structuring your website. Discover how to effectively create, edit, and manage both to ensure dynamic and engaging content for your audience.

Understand the importance of permalinks and SEO for enhancing your website's visibility. Learn how to craft effective permalinks and employ SEO strategies to boost your site's ranking on search engine results, driving more organic traffic.

Gain a solid understanding of the Elementor interface, a powerful WordPress page builder. Learn how to navigate through its features, create engaging layouts, and customize your website to your preference with ease and efficiency.

Explore Elementor's versatile widgets, custom CSS capabilities, and range of templates for a truly personalized website. Learn how to utilize these tools to design unique, responsive web pages that stand out and engage your audience.

Apply your learned skills in a capstone project, creating a comprehensive website using WordPress and Elementor. This practical experience will solidify your understanding and demonstrate your ability to develop professional, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Week 07 - 12 Flutterflow & App Design

Dive into the world of FlutterFlow, a revolutionary no-code app building platform. Learn the basics of using FlutterFlow, including creating intuitive layouts and engaging user interfaces, to develop stunning, functional mobile apps with no coding required.

Navigate through the versatile selection of widgets in FlutterFlow to enhance your app's functionality and aesthetics. Understand how to integrate and customize these widgets to create intuitive, user-friendly app navigation for a seamless user experience.

Delve into the advanced functionalities of FlutterFlow, exploring its animations, API integrations, and various features. Learn how to incorporate dynamic animations, connect APIs for added functionality, and utilize all the features to create sophisticated, feature-rich applications.

Understand the crucial aspects of app testing and debugging in the FlutterFlow environment. Learn to identify, investigate, and fix potential issues in your app, ensuring a bug-free, smooth-running application that delivers a top-notch user experience.

Get hands-on experience designing a live app, integrating all your learnings from FlutterFlow. This practical project will enable you to showcase your skills, understand real-world app development dynamics, and create a functional, user-friendly app from scratch.

Harness your skills to conceive and create a brand-new website and app design. This module encourages creativity and innovation, helping you produce unique, engaging digital platforms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Level 03: 7th to 9th Month

Creative Marketing & Analytics

WordPress & Elementor Design

Level 03 immerses you into the dynamic world of Digital Marketing and Analytics.


You’ll learn to craft compelling marketing strategies, leverage social media platforms, and interpret data for impactful decision-making, sharpening your competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

3 Months

LIVE & Self-paced










Creative Marketing & Analytics

Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this level | 3 MONTHS

Week 01 - 06 Digital Marketing and Analytics

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of digital marketing, a key driver in today's business landscape. Learn about various marketing channels, strategies, and tools that can help enhance your brand's online presence, reach, and customer engagement.

Explore the multitude of digital marketing channels available and understand how to craft effective strategies tailored to each one. Gain insights into SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and more, to build a robust, diverse marketing plan.

Learn the importance of data analytics in measuring your digital marketing performance. Understand how to use tools like Google Analytics for data collection, analysis, and reporting to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and drive business growth.

Dive into the study of customer journeys and behaviors to effectively tailor your marketing strategies. Learn how to map customer journeys, understand behavior patterns, and use these insights to enhance customer experience and engagement.

Learn to formulate and optimize strategies aimed at the awareness stage of the customer journey. Discover how to grab attention, generate interest, and increase brand visibility to attract potential customers and build a strong customer base.

Understand the concept of the digital marketing funnel, a model that describes the customer's journey towards making a purchase. Learn how to create and optimize each stage of the funnel to maximize conversions and customer retention.

Week 07 - 12 Contnet Marketing & CRM Tools

Delve into the art of content marketing, learning to create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Develop effective content strategies to engage customers, enhance brand awareness, and drive traffic and conversions.

Master the process of creating engaging, high-quality content and promoting it effectively across various digital platforms. Learn how to use content to attract, inform, and engage your audience, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.

Get to grips with powerful marketing tools like social media, Google Ads, and SEO. Learn to leverage these platforms for targeted marketing, increased visibility, and higher conversions, shaping a successful online presence for your brand.

Master PPC campaigns for immediate traffic boost and delve into the effective world of email marketing. Learn to engage your audience through personalized emails, fostering customer relationships while complementing your PPC strategies for holistic digital marketing.

Get introduced to HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, and learn to automate repetitive tasks, thereby increasing efficiency. Understand the basics of using its tools to manage customer relationships, track sales, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Apply your acquired marketing knowledge and skills in a real-world scenario by creating and managing a live master marketing campaign. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding and showcase your ability to drive successful marketing initiatives.

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Let’s have a look at things you will learn in this course​

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  • AI Design Spot Feature
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