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Creative Design Basics

Learn the building blocks of creative design and e-Practicing Tool help you to create your desired design, and practicing frequently helps to get your creative juices flowing.















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Course Overview

Creative Design Basics

When studying a language, the first thing that you learn is the very basics, similarly to knowing graphic design and creatively making designs, it is inevitable to know the creative design basics.


There are exercises as well which will enable you to practice which is another important aspect that makes this course effective.


What Will You Learn In This Course?

Module 01

What Is Creative Designing?

When you come up with something totally new, something exciting, that no one has ever done, it is what is called creative. The creative levels vary in people, but the creative design process is the same in graphic design. This process is what you will be learning with us.

Module 02

Practical Design Principle

To incorporate the theoretical aspects you have learned, it is important to know about the practical design principles as well. Learn with us about the design principles to create appealing designs of your own.

Module 03

e-Practicing Tool

Tools help us to create our desired design, and practicing frequently helps to get your creative juices flowing. As you learn in this course, there will be a point where you will have to test the extent you understood. For this, we are providing our subscribers with e-practicing tools to mould your creative skills.

Module 04

Creative Design

Here comes the core of our course, creative designing. Just as it sounds, it is nothing but a complete transformation of your creative thread into a design and utilizing it for boosting the brand image. Your novel idea will bring in potential clients and gain popularity. This course helps you to uplevel your creative design game.

Module 05

Live Projects

There will be live projects set up for all our subscribers to understand the whole creative process on a whole new practical level. It will test your creative design knowledge and help you gain exposure.

Who’s This Course For

Jr. Graphic Designers

Curated for graphic designers for in-depth learning of creative design
and to make an attractive portfolio.


As a major tool for marketing designers to improve their branding
and promotional strategies.


To aid UI UX designers to explore graphic design and get a better understanding of the field to enhance user experience.

Ultimate 6 Course Bundle

Beginner to Pro Designer

From the Scratch to Advanced Graphic Designer

With our creative design course, unlock the potential to become a creative designer and create the  best graphic design portfolio with our e-practicing tools by just a few mouse clicks.



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