Fundamentals Of Graphic Design

Understanding the fundamentals of design is crucial to create attractive and effective designs. This is a comprehensive course created with the aim of helping beginners and amateurs to identify every aspect of design and create their own design with the fundamentals they have mastered. 




What Will I Learn In This Course?

Module 01

Who or What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of communicating a message through visual elements. These visuals could be a business logo, a page layout on a website or anything that helps the producer to visually connect with the customer. It conveys the message of the project, event, campaign or product. In this course you will learn in detail, what graphic designing is and how to identify the designs around us in our everyday life.

Module 02

Design Principle

Like every other field of study, graphic design has guidelines and rules to follow to create impressive designs. You need to be proficient with design principles and this lesson is the core of this course.

Module 03

Color Theory

There are infinite color combinations but only a particular color will make your design stand out. To know what color to apply to your design and what works best for the brand is indeed a tough job. But learning color theory will get you sorted on that one because it is a discipline in graphic design that helps to find the perfect color combinations for your design.

Module 04

Design History

Graphic design existed way before the invention of the printing press and people did not actually comprehend its existence of it. Design history is the study of how design was prevalent  throughout the ages and how it has helped in the progress of mankind in all spheres of life.

Lesson 05

Design Tools

This lesson helps you understand the tools, that is programs and software that help you bring life to your design ideas and communicate the right message. This is a complete guide to numerous design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

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Students Testimonials


It has really helped me to understand certain fundamentals of graphic design topics that I’ve always found difficult in understanding. Very much thankful!

Ann Rufina


Not exaggerating when I say this course has immensely helped me understand the fundamentals of graphic design better, grateful to Artisto Picasso for that.


Deepak Arun


Tried out various other online courses before this one, but no other course explained well like this one. Thank you.

Shyam Augustin

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