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Graphic Design For Marketing

Graphic design for marketing course which will be immensely helpful for anyone with or without a marketing background. In this course you’ll learn Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Emailers, Landing Pages and more.















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Course Overview

Graphic Design Marketing

You’ll be learning how graphic design and marketing goes hand in hand because the very first module is Introduction to Graphic Design. The second module is up with the social media creatives and techniques that are going to be a massive help for you as a designer. 


What Will You Learn In This Course?

Module 01

Graphic Design Marketing Introduction

Introduction to Graphic Design and marketing, where you will learn how the two high demand skills are co related. The designs that you create, should convey the message that can attract customers. Clearly Graphic design and Marketing is connected and we bring to you a complete study of this and how we can effectively put this connection to use, to produce great results for your brand

Module 02

Social Media Marketing

This module will be immensely helpful for designers who want to learn about marketing strategies that work well on social media. This module will make you thorough on social media marketing techniques and help you produce far reaching results for your brand.

Module 03

Google Ads & Emailers

It is with this idea, that we have carefully curated this module which includes anatomy of google ads, email marketing, different types of email marketing and so on. which is sure to help a designer perform remarkably well with google ads and emailers.

Module 04

Landing Pages

In this module, you will learn about the anatomy of landing pages, landing page trends, guidelines etc. which is sure to give you an Upper hand among other graphic designers.

Module 05

Marketing Campaign

The fifth module will be the live execution of a marketing campaign, its flow, designing landing pages and creating its many variants for different marketing tools such as Instagram, Google ads, emailers etc. This module will give you more practical ideas and insights into the topics that the previous modules cove

Who’s This Course For

Jr. Graphic Designers

Curated for graphic designers for in-depth learning of creative design
and to make an attractive portfolio.


As a major tool for marketing designers to improve their branding
and promotional strategies.


To aid UI UX designers to explore graphic design and get a better understanding of the field to enhance user experience.

Ultimate 6 Course Bundle

Beginner to Pro Designer

From the Scratch to Advanced Graphic Designer

With our creative design course, unlock the potential to become a creative designer and create the  best graphic design portfolio with our e-practicing tools by just a few mouse clicks.



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